Welcome Freshers and Returners!

If you’ve just started at The University of Manchester or are returning after the summer break and you’ve already found this blog, congratulations!

Brand new fresher?

Freshers Week 2008

Freshers Week

If you’re going to the Freshers Fair this week, you’ll probably find yourself signing up for clubs and societies or other activities like volunteering or such crazy things as a sponsored bungee jump! All of the above are great CV fodder, as potential employers look for students who can demonstrate their initiative, have strong communication and organisation skills (e.g. the ability to juggle coursework with extracurricular activities!), have held positions of responsibility and are generally ‘well-rounded’ people. And remember, it’s never too early to be thinking about your career too.

Pop in to see us in the Careers Service to see how we can help you or read about the services we offer.

Returning to second or penultimate year?

So, you’re back after the long summer break! Now’s a really great time to be thinking about your career. Do you know what you want to do when you graduate? If not, you could consider booking an appointment with one of our careers advisers to discuss your options, and have a look at our starting point sheet “I don’t know what I want to do“. This year’s a great time to get some good work experience, which will let you test out an area of work while giving you something great to go on your CV. Summer placements are starting to appear on the Vacancies pages of our website and we’ll blogging in depth about different kinds of work experience opportunities over the coming months – where to look, what’s out there, organising your own and how to apply.

Over the coming months, we’ll be blogging on things like:

  • Ways to find out what kind of jobs might suit you
  • Spotlights on different career paths, e.g. teaching and media
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Other tips to make yourself more employable (and get extra “stuff” for your CV), e.g. volunteering or getting a mentor.

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