Want a part-time job?

Now you’re finding your feet at the start of the new academic year, you may be thinking about getting a part-time job.  There are lots of different part-time jobs available around Manchester.  We advertise part-time jobs on our website all year round so have a look at the vacancies online.  We get sent lots of different types of vacancies, from bar work, office work, hospitality jobs at local sporting venues, and much more.

Some jobs aren’t necessarily advertised on our website – for example, companies in the city centre might just put up a poster in the window as lots of people pass by.  As well as looking at our website, keep your eyes peeled in the centre of Manchester and other popular areas (like Fallowfield) for adverts.

Pick one up on campus - bring it filled in on the day!

Pick one up on campus - bring it filled in on the day!

We are holding our Part-Time Jobs Fair on Thursday 2nd October at the Sugden Centre. You might see one of the postcards advertising the fair on campus – feel free to bring it along filled in on the day to make entry into the fair a little quicker. You’ll get a guide on the day and will have the opportunity to meet a number of employers offering part-time, casual or temporary work.

We’re also having a part-time jobs webchat on Monday 29th September where you can ask members of our part-time jobs team some of the questions you might have.

To apply for any part-time jobs you see, you’ll need to send a copy of your CV along with a covering letter or complete an application form from the employer.  You need to make sure to tailor your application to the job you are applying for rather than sending the same thing out to each employer, as they may be looking for different things.  For help with CVs and applications, check out the website and download some of our handouts.


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  1. […] a part time jobs fair this Thursday (2nd October) at the Sugden sports Centre, have a look at this post on our undergraduate blog for more information. There is also a live webchat today at 1pm with our part time jobs experts, […]

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