Events for internships, scholarships and career options

Did you know that we run a year long programme of events on campus and in the local area to help you find out about career options and opportunities? The most popular time for events is NOW so don’t miss out.

In todays highly competitive graduate market getting relevant work experience really makes you stand out. There are lots of companies doing presentations about their internships and some are offering scholarships too, so go along, find out more and do a bit of networking… as they say “every little helps”.

If you are starting to think about your career options or want to find out more about a particular job why not come to one of our talks or workshops, these include public sector, accountancy, publishing, journalism, IT, investment banking, advertising and many more.

At this time of year we are asked all the time for help with CVs and applications – did you know that many employers will come and help with workshops and run sessions on CVs, applications and interviews? They can give you a realistic picture of what to expect and how make the best impression on paper and in person.

My advice … go to events before your final year, you’ll be glad you did!

Sarah M


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