Careers Fairs – why bother?

As you may be aware there are a number of Fairs coming up this semester, the next 2 are the Science, Engineering and Technology Fair and the Finance, Business and Management Fair, both fairs offer placements and graduate opportunities. So why should YOU go?

We get asked these questions all the time:

1 Will someone give me a job at the fair?
2 What’s the point in going?
3 What should I wear?
4 How should I prepare?

1 It’s not usual for employers to interview actually at the fair, BUT it is a great opportunity to make a good impression. If an employer likes you they may take your CV or your details and they may take an interest in the progress of your application to the company.

2 So if they are not giving away jobs at the fair – what’s the point of going?

  • If you are looking for work experience and haven’t seen an opportunity advertised – you can ask if there are any other opportunities.
  • If you don’t know what a particular company or job is about – you can ask.
  • If you REALLY want to work for a particular company – have a chat to them, find out how to maximise your chances at application and at interview.

3 What should you wear – well really it’s up to you! Consider this…
Why are you attending the fair – do want to make a good impression or are you just going for a casual look around? Think about the industry you are interested in – how do they dress?

4 The fairs can be pretty busy and if you are not prepared you may get put off by the crowds. Look at the list of exhibitors on our website, find out what they have to offer. Decide who you want to talk to and make your list of questions.

You can take a CV with you – think about the roles you are interested in and if necessary create different CVs tailored for these. There is nothing more annoying than receiving CVs for finance jobs that bang on about your love of the media industry!

Watch out for the Kaleidoscope fair in spring – for public and voluntary sector jobs.


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