What is an Internship?

‘Internship’ is an American term which is becoming more widely used in the UK to describe placements or periods of work experience at a company.  Generally, you’ll see adverts for summer internships as most companies still call longer opportunities (9 or 12 months) ‘placements’ or a ‘year in industry’.  Some firms will offer internships during the Christmas and Easter vacations as well.

Internships are offered from a wide variety of employers in different sectors.  Generally, internships in financial related organisations have closing dates of before Christmas or very early in the new year.  Vacation placements at law firms will have early closing dates as well – so have a look now if you want to find something for Christmas or next Easter! Other sectors may have closing dates which are a bit further off.  You’ll find most will close by April or early May so that the company has time to interview and recruit people ready to start in summer.

You can search for internships in the vacancies section of the Careers Service website.  You can also find additional information about where to look for internships and placements in the Work Experience section of the Careers Service website.  If you don’t see anything from companies in the sector you hope to work in,  why not try looking on the websites of companies and organisations directly as they may not always send details in to the Careers Service?


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