What type of job would suit me? – career matching

Lots of students ask me and the other careers consultants here how they can figure out what sorts of job might suit them. To work out what jobs would be a good fit for you, you basically need to know about 2 things: yourself and the job market or career options. Check out our downloadable Self Awareness handout for help with identifying your general strengths and weaknesses, interests and preferences etc. A good tool to help you match your profile to different types of job is Prospects Planner, developed by careers professionals.


Prospects Planner “is a job exploration tool which aims to help you identify your skills, motivations and interests and then to match yourself to relevant job types”. Working through the exercises on Planner can help you get started and give you some pointers as to possible career options that might suit you. Be prepared though – it might throw up some unexpected suggestions too! (Everyone seems to have a story of some career matching software they used at school which apparently told them they should be a tight-rope walker because of their excellent concentration skills or something similar!)

So you might also want to talk to a real person about your options too. Think about booking an appointment to see a careers consultant at the Careers Service to explore different career options and discuss what might suit you. Some people are worried about seeing a careers adviser when they haven’t got a clue what they want to do jobwise, as they think we won’t be able to help them (I get lots of apologies from students for not being more focussed!), but rest assured, you’re in very good company – we see lots of students at all stages in their course who are just getting started with their career planning.

So don’t leave thinking about your options until your final year (when you’ll be concentrating on your academic work and maybe applying for jobs!), come in and see us!

(Also check out our “I don’t know what I want to do” guide to exploring career options from scratch for more ideas!)


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