Law careers

If you’ve harboured an interest in a law career, but ruled it out because you’re not a law student, think again. Non-law graduates can do a one year full-time, or two year part-time, law conversion course, called the Graduate Diploma in Law, to set them on the path to becoming a solicitor or barrister. It’s never too early to research this option. Work experience is really important, not only because it looks good on your CV, but also because it provides a valuable insight into different areas of the profession. Our Starting Point Sheet, ‘Law for Non-Law Students’, gives websites with information on work experience – a vacation scheme with a firm of solicitors or mini-pupillage with a barristers’ chambers.

Pop into the Careers Resource Centre in Crawford House on Booth Street East to pick up a law careers guide so you can check out important information including a timetable for action – i.e. what you need to do and when. For background info, why not read a recent article in the Independent giving a realistic view of what’s involved in becoming a solicitor or barrister.


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