Shhhhh…. It’s oh so quiet


So you have survived the madness of the first semester! If you came into the Careers Service this term you will have noticed how crazy busy it was with people queueing outside for appointments at 8.30 am! Don’t worry, its not like that all year round!

A word to the wise….

Loads of deadlines are between September & December, everyone is madly looking for part-time jobs and on top of that loads of final years and new graduates are stressing about their career options.

Use your 2nd semester wisely and you will avoid all this!

Semester 2 is much quieter, waiting times for appointments are shorter, so get ahead of the game:

  • Book a guidance appointment to discuss your career plans.
  • Check out work experience opportunities for the summer.
  • Do some volunteering.
  • If you are going to be applying for graduate schemes next year, assess your skills against the employers criteria, if you are lacking… do something about it NOW.
  • Start tailoring your CV for the sector you are interested in – you will be ready for last minute deadlines!

So enjoy your Christmas break, but remember the Careers Service is not just for semester 1, it’s open all year round.


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