Publishing opportunity – if you’re not graduating before June 2010

You might have noticed the post  ‘First year students – get your foot in the door in publishing’ in early December.  Pearson Education are looking for students to join their Student Advisory Board.  The closing date has been extended to 13th February 2009 – so if you missed it before Christmas in the rush to get coursework done, you still have time to apply!

Student Advisors will sit on the Board from September 2009 to Summer 2010.  The opportunity is open to students who will be in their second year of study and beyond during the 2009-10 academic year.  Students must not be due to graduate before June 2010.

You’ll work on research based projects for Pearson related to the creation of new educational products for undergraduates and student life.  For example, a project might involve looking at the use of technology by students in their studies at University – this might mean conducting questionnaires, group discussions etc and writing up the results.

Pearson are looking for ‘students who are passionate about the experience of learning and care about helping those in education to reach their full potential.’  If that’s you and you’d like to gain some experience in publishing, then why not apply?

More details of the Pearson opportunity including how to apply can be seen on our website.


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