Finding out about career options


Just a few of the new books available in the Careers Resource Centre

Read all about it – do your reseach!
Yes I’m afraid you really do need to put in some time finding out about different jobs, not only initially to see what interests you but also to make a successful application.

We’re not all about graduate jobs. Did you know we have resources on gap years, studying overseas, the music business and trades like plumbing and carpentry? Why not pop in and see if we have information on the career you are interested in.

Also try our sector pages and Prospects website for detailed information on sectors and occupations.

Talk to someone
We have a team of professionally trained information staff who can guide you to the best sources of information and make sense of the internet for you! So don’t worry if you don’t have a clue what you need or what you are looking for, we can usually work it out and will figure out which of our consultants would be able to help you most.

The consultants specialise in different sectors, due in part to previous careers they have had and also because of particular interests and training. We also have consultants who specialise in helping you get started, so don’t feel embarrassed – they have seen it all before.

Go to careers fairs, talks and workshops – speak to the people who work in the industry you want to find out about. That’s why they are there!

If you are shy why not try a webchat.

Try it out
How can you know whether you would really like something if you have never done it? It may sound exciting or well paid but does it really live up to the image? Try getting some work experience, check out our rough guide to finding an internship or get a summer job.

So go on get started, curl up with a good book or have a chat to someone today!


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