Changes to the Undergrad Blog

It’s spring and time for bringing in the new, and we’ve just made two changes to the blog:

Undergrad blog welcomes Finalists!
The main focus of the Manchester Undergrad Careers blog has been on careers topics aimed at Manchester undergrads in any year before the final year. That’s because, alongside this blog, we were also piloting a blog specifically for finalists. We’ve now decided to combine these two blogs and make the undergrad careers blog the careers blog for all Man Uni undergraduates, whatever year you’re in. Most of what we already blog about – exploring career options, events, jobs, applications etc – will be just as relevant to finalists, but we’ll also be including some posts which are particularly targeted at students graduating this year. I’d also like to welcome our Finalist team bloggers, Jenny and Adele, who are now joining the Undergrad blog team! Look out for their profiles appearing on our ‘About us’ page.

Recession info.
You might have noticed the new tab at the top of the page labelled ‘Recession’.  We’ve created this section as we know that the economic situation and the effect it’s having on recruitment is an issue causing concern for students.  In the section, you’ll find some information and FAQs about how the recession may affect you along with tips and links to other sources of information.  We’ll be adding to the Recession section and also posting news here as and when something relevant comes up.

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