Want to be a Campus Brand Manager next year?

Are you interested in being a Campus Brand Manager or Ambassador, and representing a company on campus during the next academic year?  If you are, you may be interested in the jobs below – full details and application information can be found on the Careers Service website.

Campus Brand Managers or Ambassadors carry out work on campus to help promote their organisation’s opportunities on campus to fellow students –  job details, requirements and pay will differ depending on the company.  Being a company’s representative on campus can give you an invaluable insight into marketing and brand management, help develop your skills, give you great first-hand experience to put on your CV and is an opportunity to learn about the organisation as well!

Here are just a few examples of roles available at the moment – for more, please search the vacancies section of our website:

  • Deutsche Bank Campus Ambassadors – they are looking for FIRST years to represent them on campus. If you’re a proactive and enthusiastic team player and want to join the financial sector, you’ll need to apply by Wednesday 6th May!
  • Teach First Brand Managers – they are looking for SECOND years to represent them on campus for up to 3 hours each week.  It’s a flexible role so you can fit it round your studies. If you’re sociable, well connected around the university, able to work as part of team as well as independently, make sure to apply by Friday 15th May.
  • GlaxoSmithKline Campus Brand Manager – they are looking for a student to help them achieve their campus marketing strategy in this part time job. If you’re committed, motivated and pro-active, they want to hear from you by Sunday 17th May.

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