Finding a summer job back home

If you haven’t had time to organise some work experience over the summer or suddenly realise that you need funds for that trip to Ibiza or Thailand then read on…

It’s never too late to start looking; it really depends on what you want to get out of your summer.

  • Do you need experience in a particular field to put on your CV?
  • Do you need to gain a particular skill?
  • Can you afford to volunteer or do unpaid work shadowing?
  • Do you need cold hard cash and are prepared to do anything?

Don’t forget that the Careers Service advertises part time jobs placements and work experience all year round, we often get employers ringing us during the summer vacation asking if we think there will be students still looking for work.

Check out the current vacancies and get an email alert set up to notify you of new opportunities. You may want to set the email to go to a non-university address if you don’t think you will use your uni webmail much.

Nothing advertised take your fancy – what next?

Consider where you live – how far can you travel?
OK, now you know the area you can look in, start thinking about what the likely opportunities are going to be.

  • Do you live in a big city, a small town, a rural area? All these will have different opportunities on offer.
  • If you live in an agricultural area, it is possible there will be harvesting jobs and possibly food-processing / packing jobs.
  • Do you live in a tourist area? Hotels, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions may all need summer staff.
  • Are there any big industries in your area? Big employers, factories, business parks etc?
  • If you live in a big city or town then there will be lots of options open to you, so you need to think carefully about which types of company are likely to need staff at the time of year you are available.

What happens in summer time?

  • School children are on holiday – summer play or sports schemes, leisure and community centres may need extra help.
  • Lots of people take time off work – visitor attractions may need help.
  • It might be sunny!! People get out into their gardens – garden centres and places that sell garden furniture may want extra staff.

How do you find out about all these things? ….Get creative!

  • Use your contacts ask friends and family who live in the area to look out for opportunities for you.
  • Get hold of copies of the local newspaper – most have vacancies sections.
  • Use your local job centre.
  • Consider registering with an agency – no guarantee of success especially if you live in an area with lots of students all doing the same.
  • Get out and about – look in shop windows, in-store vacancy boards.
  • ASK – go in to shops and businesses and ask if they are looking for staff or where they would advertise opportunities. Be well presented, have a tailored CV to hand and be prepared to discuss what you are looking for and your suitability there and then.

In case you hadn’t noticed we are in a recession!

There are fewer jobs about and more people looking for work, but if you give up now you simply give the available jobs to other people.

What else can you do?

If you can’t find paid work consider volunteering or work shadowing. Both are unpaid but give you the opportunity to get some experience to put on your CV. To find out more about these options and some suggested websites to find out about opportunities, check out our website.

Also look at the sections on

Working in UK regions and working overseas.

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