Something out of the ordinary?

Hi there,

I was helping out with the open day at the University the other week and was (unsurprisingly) asked a lot about part time jobs. Prospective students (and their parents) wanted to know what kind of thing it was possible to do as a part-time job here in Manchester. Bar work and retail can be very easy to find –  the Manchester city area has a population of almost half a million people (458,136 to be exact), but if you’re willing to look a little deeper there are a number of much more interesting things to do to earn some spare cash and get some experience.

To find something a bit different, I would first of all have a good look through our website. Many people assume that we only advertise graduate jobs, but a quick look today on our website showed that we were advertising 43 jobs classified as ‘Student part time job’ and we’re in a quieter time at the moment. 

The part-time jobs we’re advertising are varied and interesting (well, interesting to me!).  Do you fancy being a photographer?  or an information assistant in a law library?  or even an SEO Maestro?  (anything where your job title is ‘Maestro’ has to be good doesn’t it?). 

Not only will doing something a bit different make your applications stand out a bit, but you’ll also make some good networks which will help you to find graduate jobs when the time comes. 

So if you’re getting bored this summer, or are thinking about how to fund your next year here in Manchester, think broader than the usual weekend and evening job, and give your CV something to talk about!


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