Beat the rush for CV and application advice!

If you are in Manchester now and think you are going to need some help with applying for jobs then don’t wait  – do it now! 

Experience tells us that in a couple of weeks people will be queuing up for applications advice.  If you can make it in now you will save yourself time and have a nice smug feeling when you see everyone else queuing later on.

Every day we run a drop in session – where you can book a 15 minute 1-1 with an adviser to help you tailor your first CV, make the best of applications or ask quick career related questions. 

So if you are applying for a job or course and need a bit of help:

  • Read the appropriate information on our website
  • Think carefully about the skills and experience required for the job.
  • Use the tips and methods described to help you tailor your application so that the employer can easily see why they should employ you.
  • Use the Quick Query drop in session to help you make any final alterations before you send it off.

If you are not in Manchester yet don’t worry – although it will be busy we will be providing extra advice on applications via talks, workshops and live guidance.


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