Welcome freshers and returning students

Welcome to Manchester – if it’s your first time here then I guess you are pretty busy finding out what you like & dislike about the city. I can assure you it doesn’t rain ALL the time (though a waterproof and wellies can be pretty handy!)

Manchester has a reputation as a party city and there is certainly plenty to keep you entertained! To make the best of your time at university you need to work hard and play hard.  I don’t just mean study hard – you need to get involved in volunteering, clubs, societies and get work experience.  A degree on its own is simply is not enough to get a good job and it’s never to early to start.

Your Career Timeline

First Years:

Second and Other Pre-Final Years:

  • Develop a social conscience and do some volunteering.
  • Your mates are discussing their summer placement and gap year plans – don’t get left out!
  • Look at your CV in despair and get yourself along to your Careers Service for help.

Final Years and Postgrads

  • Start finalising your plans for life after graduation.
  • Attend talks and events and meet recruiters and postgrad tutors at fairs.
  • Planning to stay in Manchester? Find out about fantastic internships, jobs and further study opportunities in the area.
  • Your CV looks great and you get contacted for interviews.
  • Your Careers Service helps you with interview and assessment centre tips.

Start planning your next step!


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