Want to use Facebook in your job? Consider a career in digital media

If you’re interested in a career in Media, PR or Marketing, you should really consider digital and online media. While the economic recession is having an impact on these already very competitive sectors, Digital Media seems to be bearing up well and even growing, particularly in Manchester and the North West. If you want to find out more, check out our Careers in Digital Media Panel event on 12 October 12.15-1.45pm and hear from our 3 great panellists:

  • The BBC
  • A digital PR firm
  • An online education company

The growth in the digital media sector should be good news for students and graduates. Organisations need people with ‘digital skills’ and many recruiters look to you to bring their web know-how to the business.

There are more technical roles, like multimedia programmer, ‘SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist’ (oh yes, getting a company up there in the Google search rankings is big business!), but also less technical roles like ‘social media planner’ in a communications agency or ‘web content manager’. A social media planner might spend quite a bit of time on social networking sites like Facebook or Bebo answering questions about particular brands, adding photos from product launch events or soliciting views of new products and services. Surely can’t be bad!

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