Introducing our new student bloggers

Back in July, we put out a call to our student readers for budding writers to join the blog team.  We thought it would be great if students-like-you could share their own experiences of what it’s really like to be looking for a job or figuring out what it is you want to do with your life in 2009/10.

The response was impressive, so we had some tough choices to make. We were looking for writing talent, but we also wanted to get a good mix of subjects and second/final years and male/female. In the end, we’re very pleased to welcome to the blog team our 6 student bloggers…

Tom Owen – final year BA Economics

Helen McGuire – 2nd year English Literature

Angela Wipperman – final year Biochemistry

Adam Coombs – 2nd year French

Priya Thakrar – 2nd year Religion and Theology

Anastasia Miari – 2nd year Drama

Follow their progress as they mull over career choices, go to recruiter presentations and careers fairs, grapple with application forms and go on work experience, and find out about some of the strategies that have worked from them, as well as some that haven’t!


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