Where can I find a job NOW!

Semester one is the most popular time of the year for students and graduates looking to find a job.  Students are looking for part-time jobs and internships, final year students are looking for graduate jobs as are last years’ graduates.

It’s crazy busy and yet everyone thinks they are the only one in that situation. Take a look around you are competing with students at this university, MMU and Salford plus the graduates who have stayed on in Manchester, not to mention the local population. 

You need to have a plan and put the work in to find a job, its not easy and it takes time.

Because jobs don’t just fall out of trees here are a few pointers.

Looking for a graduate job

  • Use the Careers Service website – check out …
  • Use other local careers fairs
    Compass jobs fair for social work
    Prospects website – lists fairs around the country
    Try virtual fairs like this Prospects virtual fair
  • Do your own research, yes sorry  – you will have to do some work and make lists of employers to apply to.
    • Find out who the professional bodies are for your sector – look on their website for directories of members.
    • Use journals some have vacancies listed others may have services directories where companies promote to clients. Use these to help you establish who is active in the field.
    • Check out our research section for more tips!
    • Use the Careers Resource Centre. There are books, journals, directories and all sorts of other useful things to help you make a list of potential employers.

Looking for internships, placements, work experience and vacation jobs.

All these terms can mean the same thing- work experience (usually paid) for a few weeks  to a year in length.

Although there are lots of internships advertised – there are many that aren’t – you may have to find your own work experience.
All the tips above count – plus:

  • Check with your department – they may advertise opportunities for those who have to do a year in industry or have special requirements for what is suitable.
  • Check out the tips on our website
  • With vacation jobs consider where you want to do it and what time of year it is.  Seasonal work may be available – think about it and target your applications appropriately.

Part-time jobs

  • We advertise them on the website and on this blog in our Seen on the street posts.
  • You need to keep alert and look around you when you are out shopping or socialising, many places just put an advert in the window or inside the store.  Take a note of the details, brush up your CV so that it fits their needs and send it off.  If you are handing an application in try to look neat and tidy and be polite – you never know who you are speaking to or if their opinion of you will be asked.
  • Often advertised in local papers – but beware of commission only jobs and scam jobs, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • If you see a job advertised in a bus shelter or on a lamp post be very cautious!

So go on get looking!  Good luck.


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