Are you enterprising?

Global Enterprise WeekThere might be some of you out there who are looking at all the different jobs available and are left thinking “I’d rather do something a bit different” or “I just can’t see myself working for someone else.” Or perhaps you’re just an innately enterprising kind of person and you want to find out how you can put your talents to best use.

If that sounds like you, next week from 16th to 22nd November is Global Enterprise Week and there are various different events and activities you can get involved in here at the University and in Manchester generally, whether you have an interest in starting your own business or freelancing now or at some point in the future, or even if you just have a vaguely entrepreneurial streak.

For example, on Wednesday 18th November 12.30-4pm there’s a FlyingStart ‘Make it Happen’ day at the Manchester Conference Centre on Sackville Street, which includes workshops on idea creation, getting your business idea off the ground, and lots of practical advice on starting a business or freelancing. The organisers also advertise an opportunity to take up a free place in a 12-month programme to help you into self employment or successfully set up and run a business” – definitely something worth checking out!

On Thursday 19th November 5-6pm there’s also an Enterprise web chat, where you can put your questions about enterprise, self-employment and freelancing to one of our specialist careers consultants and someone from the University’s Enterprise Centre.

Check out the full programme of Entreprise Week activities on our website.


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