Graduate scheme closing dates – 2009/10

HourglassFinal year students I see here often ask how they can find out the closing dates for grad schemes starting next September.  The 500 full-time graduate vacancies (at the last count) on the Careers Service website are helpfully sorted by application deadline, but not all graduate scheme listings are so user friendly.  So my colleague Jenny, who also writes for this blog, has pored painstakingly through two of the main graduate recruitment directories – the GET Directory and the Prospects Directory – to produce a Calendar of Graduate Scheme Closing Dates for 2009/10.

However, while it’s important not to miss closing dates for schemes you really want to apply to, our advice is always to apply as early as possible and not rely on closing dates. Back in September, we wrote a post ‘Closing dates are not always what they seem‘, referring to the trend for some grad schemes to fill up well before the official closing dates, and of course there are a number of schemes which don’t have specific closing dates, but will nonetheless close when they recruiters have received enough quality applications to fill the places.


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