Christmas is coming … so are deadlines!

Christmas is only just over a week away and as I type I can still see some snow!  You’re probably in a rush to get home or to wherever you’re spending the Christmas vacation and graduate schemes, placements for next summer or the next academic year may well be the last thing on your mind.

They should be! Some deadlines will close during the Christmas and New Year period, so now’s the time to make any applications to those schemes that close soon.  You don’t want to leave it until New Year’s Eve to fill in the form that closes on January 1st because a) you never know how long it will take/when your internet connection my freeze up and b) some schemes may have a stated closing date but may be really full already so you don’t want to lessen your chances by being on the last-minute.

If you have a look at the vacancies section on our website, you’ll be able to search through the vacancies that are live on our system now and start making your applications.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the Industrial placement schemes on there now which close in the next few weeks:

The following internships (easter or summer) close in the same period:

Graduate Schemes with deadlines approaching are:

So, while you’re off over the Christmas vacation don’t forget to check if any organisations you are interested in have deadlines approaching.  If they do, good luck with your applications!


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