Getting to the mulled wine (EXAMS) in this festive (REVISION) period

Photo courtesy of Lism on FlickrStudent blogger – Priya Thakrar

My New Year’s resolution is…

…to have accomplished all, if not a fair amount of revision by the day before my exam. To carry this on throughout the year by starting my essays two weeks before the due date. Though more realistically, a few days before would be a success compared to my past rate of the night before! Read on to find out why…

So since my last blog post, or should I say depressing rant about the decrease in opportunities, I have had a busy few months. I have tried to make my every 9am lecture even if I had only gone to bed after scoffing cold chips and cheese a few hours before. I am in my second year now and I have got it stuck in my head that I cannot waste anymore time! The days of sleeping until the late afternoon, eating a ready meal, drinking cheap wine and then doing the same the next day are long gone. The key point here is a changed mentality. By forcing motivation into myself, I am seeing the light of day again (literally)! I then remember that I cannot waste my days away in my pit that is a bedroom or a dingy nightclub that gives off an aroma of vomit, vodka and red bull. I remind myself that there is an active, moving, fast-paced world out there! By venturing out of the hungover daze that is Fallowfield, I am enabling myself to get involved in beneficial ventures.

I attended a fair put on by the Careers Service last year and as you do, put down my email address at every stall. I was particularly interested in Bury Befrienders – a scheme that pairs you up with an autistic child. I had no experience in working with autistic children and knew near to nothing about autism! Bury Befrienders held a workshop last year where the other volunteers and I were taught about autism and what we would typically do with the children. This year I finally made my first visit to the child’s house. I volunteer a few hours a week and I would really recommend getting involved in something similar. It gets you out of bed. It gives you a few extra lines to add onto your CV. Most importantly though, you are shown what you would not usually have seen. You are given a chance to understand further spectrums of life and be part of enriching someone’s life.

For those interested in the media industry, the Media Club is a must! I am one of those who know that I do not want to be looking at someone’s intestines or adding up large numbers. I want to be far away in a high danger zone reporting or writing for the rest of the world. I want to be researching a hostile situation whilst being surrounded by threats. I want to be in the middle of conflict, not knowing what to expect in the next second.

Back to reality. It’s probably not going to happen. Nonetheless, I want to be doing something similar. Even if it is writing in a cold office with regular visits to the free coffee machine. I know my passion lies within the arts, preferably the media. The Media Club hosts speakers in various positions in the media business. Just going along and listening to what they do daily as part of their career will offer you an insight to if you would like to see yourself in a similar position.

In my last blog post I mentioned I was participating in Jailbreak – a challenge that the society Manchester RAG set us to get as far away as possible in 30 hours without spending any money.  The money raised would go to KidsCan – a children’s cancer charity. I did not in my wildest dreams expect to be spending reading week on the beach, eating a complimentary full English breakfast, buying 1 Euro wine in a carton, in TENERIFE!

Getting involved in similar things, whether it be volunteering, attending talks or something that takes your fancy will extend your interests and activities. There’s an update for you to make on Facebook!

So now as I sit, having recently woken up at 3pm, I feel somewhat guilty but tempted to sink back into my warm bed until midnight on the 24th December. I am attempting to hide my diary somewhere I will not find it in an endeavour to secrete the reminder of the three essays I have to write and exams I have to revise for. I tell myself, I’ll start after Christmas. Though I know it will be a repeat of last year. I’ll start after New Year’s. I’ll start after my birthday which is in January. My exam’s tomorrow, I’ll have to start now! Then it’s a matter of cramming, coffee and concern whilst reminiscing about the time when I was happily drinking just another mug of mulled wine when I should have been reading about the Egyptian Revolution. So maybe tomorrow I’ll set my alarm clock for a more sensible holiday time of 11am. With a snooze time of 5 minutes just in case. I’ll find my diary, bravely open it up to the Christmas period and get clicking onto Blackboard. After a quick Facebook check of course. I wish you all good luck in this festive, revision period and hope that my fellow couch potatoes will set their alarm clocks at this oh so early time with me.


2 Responses to Getting to the mulled wine (EXAMS) in this festive (REVISION) period

  1. Charlie Cooper says:

    Hi Priya,

    Just to say, I love reading your blogs…I totally relate to this one being in 2nd year myself! Life is too short to waste it in bed with a hangover! I look forward to reading your next post!!

  2. sammy says:

    very amusing yet true! Wow you made it to tenerife, how exciting! I too love cheesy chips

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