Careers Christmas Number 1!

Student blogger – Helen McGuire

Hello all, I hope your Christmases were filled with as much joy, good will and awkward family gatherings as mine were. But with January exams looming it’s all getting a bit serious again. So here’s something to ease you back into job hunting, my countdown of the top five careers websites. It’s like Top of the Pops never left…

5) – A website similar to ‘Prospects’ – if you search for jobs it will compile a list of suitable graduate schemes but it also has more general information about jobs in specific sectors.

4) – Anyone wanting to work in Finance, Business or Engineering this website is definitely for you. Focusing on these three sectors it has all the usual information you’d expect as well as a deadline calendar so you can make sure you get your application in on time!

3) – A particularly easy to use website as all the information is organised by career sectors so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. It also includes lots of case studies from graduates now employed in various sectors so you feel you’re getting a true representation of the job.

2) – Can appear a little hit-and-miss because it’s not specifically targeted towards students, although they do have a section for graduates. It is, however, an excellent resource for artsy-fartsy types like me with sections on careers in the Arts, Media and the Public Sector. It also has lots of blogs so the information is presented in a more entertaining way.

1) – What with this being the number one graduate recruitment website, you’d be foolish not to browse its pages at some point. The sheer amount of information on the home page can seem daunting, but persevere and you could spend hours searching for jobs, internships, events and even information about further study. I found the ‘News and Advice’ section most helpful.


One Response to Careers Christmas Number 1!

  1. The GRB Team says:

    It is very true that the reality of a first graduate job may be very different to the dream, but in the current economic climate just getting there is tough!
    As a recent graduate myself I am yet to find the job, despite a strong academic record. Instead I have sought help from graduate recruitment agencies who have been invaluable. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau in particular have been fantastic, from CV advice, to interview coaching, and now they’ve even offered me a temp job to gain more experience whilst I continue searching for the elusive ‘dream job’.
    I’d advise other graduates to seek all the help and advice they can to land a job, accept the realities of the market and be prepared to start at the bottom!

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