Graduate jobs are still out there…

I know it’s exam time, so I’ll try to keep this brief!  There are loads of things to try to juggle at the moment and perhaps looking for jobs and applying for them aren’t necessarily top of your list.  Especially if you’ve seen reports in the press over the past few weeks about graduates from 2009 taking 2010’s jobs (e.g. Times Online article from 13th January).  Perhaps after this it’s even further down the ‘to do’ list than it might have been…

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom.  There are jobs being advertised on the Careers Service website from employers who are looking for finalists to join them on their graduate schemes later this year.  If you’ve not got time to browse loads of job adverts, why not register to receive them by email from us instead?  It’s easy to do –  you just need to go to the ‘Your Careers Account’ section of our website and once you’re logged in, follow the steps.

Here’s just a snippet of the current adverts for graduate schemes on our website at the moment:

More jobs will continue to be added into our database as we hear from companies – so remember to keep checking us regularly along with all the other websites/magazines etc that you’re checking.

Finally, the advert isn’t live on our website yet but thought I’d give you a quick heads up about opportunities in the world of banking and finance.  A colleague went to visit Santander last week and they are looking to increase the number of graduates they recruit this year.  So if you’re interested in finance and banking roles but thought you’d missed all the deadlines already – think again!  You can find full details of the different roles they are recruiting for on the Santander UK graduates website (applications are open for some now and others open later this month).

Good luck with any applications you make – and with your exams too!

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