New Year, Old Worries

Student blogger, Angela Wipperman

So, now what? The graduate programmes don’t want me, the job market is still pretty closed and I have no money to travel. I need a plan. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in exams, dissertations, uni work in general, but somewhere along the way plans have to be made, and thoughts have to be thought. That is, unless I want to spend my summer doing my dad’s filing desperately filing out job applications for positions rivalling for first place in the most uninspiring ranks.

Well, the way I see it there are two options. Start applying for ‘real’ jobs, or something to earn a bit of cash before a year of travelling. Well, the latter would certainly postpone the decision making. Benefits of travelling are obvious. Broadening the mind, seeing the world, finding yourself. And it can look pretty nice on a CV as an interest, and as a point of interest. But if I’m going to pay for it, I’m going to have to work first, and the question is whether to do something useful, or something that’s easy. Getting bar work, or something in admin, if there are the jobs out there to be had can be an easy way of making cash, and can be easy jobs to leave behind. God forbid that I might get a job I actually enjoy and find myself handcuffed to the career ladder at 21. But perhaps there is something to be said for trying to get a job that could provide real experience.

I am signed up to the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme (MGIP). It pretty much does what I says on the tin – the uni uses its links to Manchester businesses to secure a variety of internships for graduates. Anything from 3 months to a year of paid work in Manchester that could be a wealth of experience without the commitment. And if it does turn out to be enjoyable, a potential future position in the company. The problem is deciding what to do. Oh, and the competitive nature. Thanks to this recession that has inconveniently decided to situate itself to temporally collide with my graduation, the number of people in the Facebook group for the MGIP is, well, nearly as big as that group calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be prime minister. To anyone in the same boat, don’t lose heart (well, unless you want my job. Then lose all the heart you can muster).


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