Want to get paid for your time on Facebook, Twitter etc!

Great opportunity for anyone interested in a career in marketing or social media, but you’ll need to be quick. The deadline is tomorrow – Thursday 4th Feb at 6pm!

Sign up via the survey now and read on…

‘Backing Young Britain’ is a high-profile initiative which aims to create new opportunities for young people today in the challenging job market, and the BYB team are looking for 10 social media savvy young people aged between 16-24 to take part in a social media campaign for which you will be paid!

You will be asked to use your social media skills to recruit at least 10 well connected individuals whose organisations will endorse the campaign because they are already offering new opportunities to young people or are about to start doing so. You’ll then support these organisations to influence further endorsements for the ‘Backing Young Britain’ campaign, helping the team reach their target of 1000 organisations. A daily commitment during the week will be between 45mins – 1 hour spread across the day.

The project which will span over February, March and April will pay £250 for your time, with a bonus of £100 if your targets are met. You’ll receive a briefing pack and get telephone and email support and there is also up to £250 of expenses available to attend a campaign training day on Saturday 20 February 2010. If you are interested in getting involved you will need to complete this questionnaire before 6pm tomorrow – Thursday 4th February.

Register your interest via the survey now! For further information call or email Gill Souter, the digital marketer running the campaign on 01273 201851 and gill.souter@worthdigital.com

Backing Young Britain: www.hmg.gov.uk/backingyoungbritain


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