Is the Insight into Broadcasting and Journalism course for you?

Student blogger – Priya Thakrar

Got a vague idea that you’d like to pursue something media related after graduating but not entirely sure what? Want to see if you’ve got what it takes to present on television, write for a newspaper or be a radio DJ? Then the ‘Insight into Broadcasting and Journalism’ course is perfect for you.

I think back to this time last year… first semester exams were over which meant a couple of weeks and bottles of vodka later, I was experiencing a serious lack of funds. I had seen advertisements for the Journalism course and took an interest in it. The opportunities offered were regarding experience, in-depth knowledge concerning specific aspects of the media and that big word which any prospective media junkies will be hearing – NETWORKING.

At the time, I didn’t know anyone else who was interested in attending. Nevertheless, I parted with my £42.50 and signed up for the event. The course fulfilled its promises and I ended up with an increased sense of understanding as to what aspects of the media I would be particularly interested in practising. My highlight of the event was meeting Gordon Burns and Dave Guest (news reporter and correspondent for BBC North West Tonight.) Being a student in Manchester, I’m always asked if I’ve seen any famous footballers or Hollyoaks stars. The answer is no, probably because I can’t afford to shop in Harvey Nicks or regularly frequent the Northern Quarter. My claims to fame however are meeting Gordon and Dave (probably shouldn’t refer to them on a first name basis… aah they’ll never know!)

Apart from meeting ‘celebrities’ though, the content of the course was extremely useful. All I will say is be prepared for having to adapt to different settings of potential stories. You’ll see if coping under pressure to interview, investigate and present is as easy as you think!

The event was really useful and I’m glad I attended. The extra knowledge and information that I gained has been valuable and hearing advice from various professionals from different sectors of the media offered us a constructive and practical insight into the media. If that doesn’t do it for you though, the sandwiches and cakes were amazing – don’t miss out!

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