Is it too late to find a job?

There are 44 days of semester left until summer vacation starts!
(and on some of those you will probably have exams)

So what are you looking for? 

Part time or vacation work?

  • The good news is some people might be giving up their part time jobs because they are leaving Manchester or going away for the summer so keep an eye on our website and all the usual places for adverts.
  • Think about organisations that will typically need summer workers check out places where they will advertise or make speculative applications.  
  • If money is not an issue you could also consider volunteering – its a great way to get experience on your CV especially if you might want to work in the not for profit sector later.

A summer internship related to your course?

  • It’s a bit late many will be snapped up already,  but some companies do advertise late if a project suddenly comes up so do keep looking.
  • Its probably a good idea to book a careers appointment to discuss this if you have not already done so.

 Looking for a graduate internship?

Perfect timing! The Manchester Graduate Internship project doesn’t even open until May for 2010 graduates.  Jobs typically start coming in June just as you finish your exams so that’s a great opportunity to look out for.

Graduate schemes?

Some employers will have finished their recruitment by now but if they still have vacancies they will advertise them on our website and there is a good chance they will attend the summer graduate fair.

Graduate jobs?

A graduate entry level job could be advertised at any time and unlike many graduate schemes there could be just one position available. They may only advertise locally so keep an eye on local papers, our website and possibly sector specific job sites.


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