Stand out from the crowd

If you are looking to do something worthwhile that will help your applications stand out and give you something to talk about in interviews, why not consider the MLP.

The Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) combines academic credit bearing modules with volunteering so its a win win situation for you and the community!  You get to learn about important issues in the world today as well as gaining skills through group work and volunteering.

This is how it works:

Students entering their 2nd or 3rd year (in most schools) can apply for the  MLP.

 The MLP has two parts: 

(1)   a 10 or 20 credit academic unit where high profile speakers deliver lectures on important and interesting topics such as poverty & globalisation;  sport and leadership;  climate change; energy & sustainable technologies and promoting healthy communities.

(2)   Volunteering.  We’ll help you to find opportunities that interest you.  Take part in environmental campaigns, organise events, mentor young people and much more.

Once you complete both parts, you’ll receive the prestigious Manchester Leadership Award which will look great on your CV.

Many students say that the MLP is fun and one of the best things they’ve done at university. 

Looking for something different?  Apply today at:


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