Jobs in retail

A quick report on some interesting facts and figures for those wanting to apply for retail graduate schemes:

AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters) Retail insight day, hosted by the Co-operative in Manchester. There were 13 graduate recruiters present including: The Arcadia Group, M & S, Waitrose, John Lewis, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Enterprise Rent a Car, Barclays , RBS and HSBC .

Key messages:

  • 1 in 10 of the working population employed in the retail sector, of which 1 in 3 are under 25.
  • Less than 40 % of the opportunities are based in the South East, unlike other graduate programs. (So good news for those of you who don’t fancy London!)
  • Applications numbers are up by 7% but 1 in 4 vacancies went unfilled last year – companies are still receiving too many poor quality applications.
  • According to the AGR, the 2010 recruitment campaign saw most organisations receiving an average of 100 applications/ vacancy. (Thats not bad actually!)
  • Recruiters stress that candidates need to understand the culture of their organisation, as being employed by Enterprise Rent a Car will require a different candidate and skill set to those employed at Waitrose, for example.

Its quite depressing really that the opportunities are there for the taking and yet the applications are so bad that companies would prefer to do without than employ people who can’t be bothered to apply properly!

I completely understand their point of view there is no way I would employ someone who can’t be bothered to show any understanding of the job or even attempt to tailor their application.  You know perfectly well from experience that at interview and then on the  job they will fail to perform.

If you have any doubts about the quality of your applications check out our information and use our Quick Query Service.


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