Summer is over – are you ready for next semester?

The undergrad blog has been on its holidays in August but we are back now gearing up for the hectic year ahead.

So what have we been up to?

You may have noticed things changing on the Careers Service website  – we have all been busy reviewing and writing content and are moving to a new way of presenting it.  Let us know if you like it? We are also  arranging a full programme of talks and events this year so don’t miss out!

What have you been doing in your vacation?

We hope you had a great break and are feeling refreshed and ready for the next academic year.   No doubt you will be making applications for placements, internships, graduate schemes and part time jobs so make sure your CV is work ready!  Reflect on your vacation period to see if there is anything that you could use on your CV or in applications:

  • Did you work?
  • Did you volunteer?
  • Did you go travelling?
  • Did you engage in any hobbies or society work?

Really think about what you did and achieved, it may seem trivial at the time –  but employers want to see evidence of skills so go on think…

  • Did you have to organise something for yourself and other people? How did you go about it and what problems did you have to overcome?
  • Did you work with other people to achieve something? How did you work together? What was your role in that?

Get more ideas about transferable skills and how you can gain them.

Not got your CV together yet? 

Well it might not be the most fun you can have in your last week of vacation but it could be the most useful thing you do.  Check out our CV guidelines and if you need extra help you can use our Quick Query Service, but be warned it is one of our most popular services so don’t leave it until the last minute!


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