CV and Application mistakes

You spent “ages” crafting your meticulously targeted and well written application or CV. If only you knew the hours of entertainment you were giving recruiters!

Unfortunately not for the right reasons – you would not believe the mistakes people make on their applications.

Here are some real examples that have been compiled from various sources:

Spelling and grammar

If the words are correctly spelt,  but incorrectly used spell check will not save you.

Question  –  How would you rate your written communications on a scale from 1-10?
Answer – Definitely a 9 or 10 – they’re excellent
Unfortunately in the following 2 paragraphs there were 5 grammar and spelling errors (so not great written communication skills then!)

“I graduated my course English Language at the University of XXXXX with a 2.1    (Spot the missing words – not a great opening for an application.)

  • Received a plague for salesman of the year. (ouch!)
  • I’m an accurate and rabid typist (nasty)
  • Instrumental in ruining an entire operation for a Midwest chain operator…’  ( I’m hoping that was running??)
  • I hope hear from you shorty (Don’t get personal!)
  • I am a conscious individual (Not sleeping then?)
  • Proven ability to track down and correct erors.
  • I have good writen comunication skills”
  • In charge of sock control  (instead of stock control)
  • At secondary school I was a prefix

These are just plain silly!

  • I have a criminal record but I am not in jail at the moment
  • I have a desire to work with commuters
    (Maybe in the passenger transport industry – ????)
  • Hi, I want 2 get a job with U
    (Text speak is so last year and yes people really do this!)
  • I have a 100% attendance at work, except for the seven days I have taken off sick
  • Here are my qualifications for you to overlook (ok if you are sure!)
  • I loathe filling in application forms so much that I’ll give you details at the interview ( Really I don’t think they will get that chance, do you?)
  • Place of birth? – A London hospital. (Oh ha ha!)
  • I do not have any major achievements that I would consider to be of interest to this application. (Great, one for the bin then)
  • am currently reading Robbie Williams’ thought-provoking autobiography ( I guess it’s a matter of opinion!)
  • When applying for a role at United Biscuits – my life-long love of chocolate biscuits, is the main reason for his interest in the company ( A little too truthful perhaps)

Oh and while you are here – just consider your email address

Evilwitch69@  and fluffybunny@  I’m sure are cute and appropriate for your mates, HOWEVER!

The guy who gave i124q@…in all seriousness as his email address on his CV really needs a talking to.  You have to say it aloud to realise how wrong it is.

Really we are not making it up!



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