Employer and career events on campus

Wow you’re all back and there is a real buzz on campus again. (Oh yeah it’s probably the never ending stream of magic buses I can hear!)

It’s a busy period in terms of things for you to do, finding part time jobs, applying for summer internships and graduate schemes as well as all that volunteering and worthwhile society work you are doing!  So before you drive yourself crazy trying to do everything at once stop for a minute and try to get a little focus.

We have events that can help you at all stages of your career planning.  Most of our events involve employers or professional bodies so that you can get a real feel for what it is like to do that job.  Use the opportunity to ask questions and if you decide to apply it will make your application stronger.


Find out more about events and log in via CareersLink

  1. Decide what career areas are actually of interest to you – Talks and workshops
  2. Find out more about different sectors, jobs and professions – Talks/ workshops and Presentation and networking sessions   
  3. Work out which employers you might want to apply to – Fairs, Presentation and networking sessions and One to ones

Register for events you want to attend  –  it will put it into your calendar and you will get reminders and alerts if any details change – so why not give it a go?

CareersLink is where we advertise vacancies too  – read this entry on our graduate blog about how you can search for vacancies.


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