Interested in working in the media?

Let’s face it, I’ve probably asked a question which loads of people would answer ‘yes’ to. If you’ve said ‘yes’, my next questions are: ‘Have you done anything about it?’ and ‘Do you know what you’d like to do and how to get into the industry?’

If you’ve got no clue where to start or what’s really involved in the industry,  I guess a bit of research might be needed.  A great place to start that would be at Media Club (it’s like ‘Fight Club’ without the fighting and Brad Pitt – so maybe it’s not too much like that then). Even without Brad Pitt, it’s certainly a hot ticket and something you’ll want to be a member of…

Media Club is organised by the Careers Service and is exclusively for University of Manchester students.  Leading industry practitioners are invited each month to speak about key topics, their careers and getting into the sector. Sessions are normally held on Wednesday evenings between 5pm-6.30pm approx.

The first session this year is this Wednesday 6th October from 5pm-6.30pm in University Place, Lecture Theatre A. You don’t need to sign up for this session but you need to join Media Club to be able to attend future sessions.

The next session features Helen Bullough who’s the Head of BBC Entertainment production (responsible for series such as Dragon’s Den, Mastermind, A Question of Sport and loads more…) so it should be a great one.  Make sure you join Media Club to get along to that and other events.  I’ll be joining as I’ve always wanted to write the questions for ‘A Question of Sport’!

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