Mentoring – want to find your career match?

You may already know that the Careers Service runs a mentoring programme called Manchester Gold. You might even have made an application for this year’s programme.  If you don’t know about it or haven’t applied, then reading this post might be one of your best decisions this year… Manchester Gold is our award-winning mentoring programme that gives you the opportunity to work with a professional from your chosen career sector (on a one to one basis) who can provide you with an insight into their field and role, offer advice and information about making applications and help you plan your next steps in your career.

We have a general strand, open to all students and then several specialist strands for:

  • Disabled students
  • Black and minority ethnic students
  • LGBT students
  • Female students interested in male dominated sectors
  • Chinese students – looking to be matched with a mentor based in China to help prepare you for the Chinese jobs market

If that’s sparked your interest, you’ll need to know that applications are open now and they close on Wednesday 13th October.   We match about 150 students each year but we receive in excess of 1000 applications to the programme, so it can be a competitive process.

If you’re thinking of applying, it’s advisable to spend some time on your application and provide considered answers to the questions we ask. Try not to make careless mistakes when you fill it in (we’ve had applications in the past for Law mentors where they didn’t check how to spell Solicitor properly for example). There’s more handy application tips on the Manchester Gold webpages.

Accessing the form is really easy, you just need to login in on the application screen with your university login.  You can then go in and out of the form to consider/amend your answers until you are happy to finally submit it. You need to submit it by the closing date to make sure your application is considered.

When you fill in the form, you can view the mentors who’ve signed up already and specify two preferences. They’re listed on the site with their mentor reference, job title and organisation – and are group according to the sector or field they work in. You don’t have to specify choices and can leave this section blank if you’re not sure who you’d like to mentor you. There’s no guarantee you’ll be matched with either of these choices but it might help us to know what you’re looking for, if you do have an idea.

If you’re interested, apply online by 13th October.


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