Volunteer and add to your CV

Student blogger, Carrie Esmond

I am at the start of my second year. I am far from ready to be thrown out of the bubble of university to encounter the real world of having a job, and of being horribly adult without the financial dependence of a student loan. I am 19- a teenager! 

I can not change a light bulb, I don’t understand the Financial Times and it is a struggle to maturely get rid of large spiders in my house which doesn’t involve squashing them. Anyway, isn’t this kind of competence best saved for third year, where we have no choice but to become acquainted with these skills? The thought of a job is far off and frankly, terrifying.

You may have noticed that the Careers Service and University seem to be slightly oblivious to this fact, bombarding us with a constant barrage of career fair opportunities (and rightly so). It is a sad yet equally quite relieving fact of life that we can not all remain as students, consuming endless amounts of take aways from kebab king and Dominoes. We need to enter into some kind of adult life that involves financial independence and salad.

The passage to a job however is so daunting.  It is one that seems to require endless work experience and internships, as well as developing other attributes employers seem to like (the ones that make you a “rounded person”) Anyway, rant over. In my attempt to get into the career of PR, I bravely consulted the careers website to look for opportunities to conquer my fear of graduating.  I hoped to find some work experience that might make me more attractive to employers in the future.

Luckily I managed to get a job as student ambassador for a breast cancer charity for the Coppafeel campaign.  So far it’s been a great experience. The charity is concerned with educating young women on becoming aware of how to recognise the signs of breast cancer within themselves. At the moment we’re preparing ourselves for promoting this message to the student population in Manchester.

If you can identify with the lost, panicky feeling that comes over you when think about graduating, I’d recommend becoming a volunteer with the Coppafeel campaign, or looking for other opportunities on the Careers Service database. And here comes the shameless plug!….. The Coppafeel campaign is having a boob bop on the 29th October. If you want to volunteer send me an email:  careers.info@manchester.ac.uk with ‘Coppafeel campaign’ entered in the subject line.

If you don’t want to volunteer you are still welcome to just come along- it is a brilliant way to raise money for a worthy cause and have a laugh while you are doing it.

I definitely think that doing small things like volunteering will make it less daunting in the future to step into the adult world of work (and is a great way to add to you CV!)

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