What not to do to improve your job prospects

Each year employers give us feedback on your behaviour at events, and your performance at application and interview. It’s not good news!

These are just some of the things we have been told in the last week!

  • Employers at an event were booed because they did not graduate from this institution.
    It’s pretty unlikely this recruiter will return and I wonder how they might view students from this institution?
  • One employer reported they had not had a single application from this institution that had spelt the company name right – pretty sure none of those students made the short list.
  • Another employer reported that they had just opened applications for a very rare opportunity and had received applications addressed to the wrong company.
  • Applications are still being reported as full of spelling errors – you may have been able to get away with this at school or university but it is not acceptable in business. Some recruiters will simply reject these outright.
  • Negativity and apathy:  students not attending events that have been timetabled specially for them to attend with important recruiters in the field.

We are aware that there are mixed messages out there about the job market from family, friends the media and academics.  However, if employers are making the effort to come on campus then they probably are interested in recruiting so if you vote with your feet and don’t turn up they probably won’t bother again.

Ok so moan over what can you do?

Make sure you are fully informed about the job market – talk to employers and careers service staff to make sure you get the true picture.

Take care in the way you present yourself to employers – they will remember the good and the bad!

Make an effort with applications – if you can’t be bothered to check them properly you are just wasting your time.

Don’t descend into apathy – there are jobs out there, we had a very good year for vacancies last year and this year is looking to be on track.  Talk to a careers consultant if you have worries about a lack of vacancies in your field.

If your mates are moaning and talking about not bothering you might want to suggest it’s better to take the plunge now rather than wait until after graduation.


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