Try, Try and Try Again


Anastasia Miari

Student Blogger

So it’s final year and I still have no idea where I am with my chosen career. The career choice which does not yet exist. I have put my hand to a lot of things during my time at University. I’ve had experience in teaching, theatre, TV production and the media; I’m still undecided. I refuse to decide on one career for the rest of my life and so I am dabbling away until I find my niche. The only problem is that soon enough, the time for dabbling will be over, my student loan will no longer be a steady source of income and I will have to make money somehow. Secretarial work and waitressing don’t exactly appeal. Thus the panic has begun.

I’m sure most 3rd year students get to this stage and I am not the only one but the phone calls from home asking “have you thought about what you’re going to do next year?” are becoming more frequent. Of course I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about moving to London and living a life of luxury…I just haven’t been able to picture how I’m going to maintain that kind of lifestyle. Yes, I’m not being realistic but this is surely better than facing facts and forcing a career upon myself?

There is an obvious answer. More work experience. So I’ve launched myself into PR. Social networking as a career doesn’t seem so bad. A bit of facebook here and a little Tweeting there. I sent out desperate emails to a bunch of pr companies in Manchester and lo and behold, I’ve bagged placements in two different places; a weekly slot at one company and a two week placement over Easter at another. I am finding that I am learning a lot about the dissemination of information and how word actually does get around. Being in an office is helping me get used to a professional environment and to my amazement; I haven’t yet been asked to make a brew.

As a third year, one day a week is just enough time to spare to this endeavour. Speaking to all first and second year students, it really does help to get the work experience out of the way as soon as possible. It is a pain in the arse even getting out of bed in first year but it will be well worth it in third year when every spare hour counts as an extra hour to work on a dissertation. As for finding it, try, try and try again. Being pushy and persistent is how I have managed to bag work experience and coincidentally why I think I may have a career ahead of me in PR.


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