Jobs? We’ve got hundreds of them!

Afternoon all,CareersLink logo

As my colleague Elizabeth discussed over on the postgrad blog a couple of weeks ago, things aren’t as bleak as they could be with regard to graduate employment, and with that in mind I thought it’d be a good time to tell you all about our new CareersLink system.

CareersLink is a new system we’ve developed to help you to sign up for events, search employers that are interacting with the careers service and also search through all our vacancies.

As a University of Manchester student you automatically have an account on CareersLink – just click on ‘Student login to CareersLink‘ at and you can log in using your usual university username and password.

So – once you’re on CareersLink, what can you do?  As I mentioned earlier, you can search through all the events running at the uni, and through the organisation directory but for the purposes of this blog I’ll concentrate on what you can do with vacancies.

Once you’ve logged in, click on ‘Vacancy Search’ to start searching for your future career (or your vacation placement, or your graduate internship, or even your next part time job for that matter).  Simple!

You can also:

  • Save your search – If you’re sick of setting up your search criteria every time you go into CareersLink, you can press [Save Search] on your search results screen – you can give the search a name (‘Full time Advertising jobs’, or ‘Engineering placements’ for example) and set up as many saved searches as you want to access in one click as soon as you log into CareersLink.
  • Set up a job agent – If going into CareersLink each time you want to see if there are any new vacancies on your saved search is taking you too much time, why not set up a job agent or two?  Press [create job agent] from the search results screen, give it a name (just like a saved search) and you’ll get an email each night with details of new vacancies that fit your search criteria.
  • Mark a job as a favourite – If you’re in a rush, or in a less than private place, you can browse vacancies on CareersLink then mark them as favourites.  This means you can easily access these vacancies later on.
  • Email the job to a friend – If you want to share a vacancy with a friend (if you spot something that you feel is more suited to a friend than for you, or if you want someone else’s opinion on the position) you can email it to them through CareersLink.

A final note about numbers as I make a bold claim in this post title.  We currently have 660 vacancy adverts available in CareersLink, 16 of which were new on today.  Of those 660 vacancy adverts, 389 are for full time positions and many are for more than one job.  Some vacancies are for an immediate start, but many have 2011 starting dates.

So get stuck in with CareersLink and find your next step!



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