What do you want to do when you’re older?

Hello fellow students.
This is my first blog, and I’m currently sat in Microlab 4 of the Stopford building wondering – what I should write?
I’ll start with an introduction.

I’m Dean, a second year Physiology student (basically human biology, not to be mistaken for physiotherapy) at the University of Manchester. The best university in the world!  At the moment, I work on the Key 103 Street team and am also a student ambassador for the Faculty of Life Sciences; and when I’m older, I want to be. . .
Aha! We’ve hit a brick wall.

As a scientist, the typical career plan appears to be:
*Do your degree –> Do a PhD –> Do research –>Cure [enter disease here]
or alternatively:
*Do your degree –>Do a PGCE –> Teach Science
Presently, none of them appeal to me.I can’t be a student ambassador forever, but there’s no point stressing about it. I have sought consolation in the fact that a few of my third year friends don’t know what they’re going to do after university, and they finish next summer!

So what I’ll do, is attend some of the conferences and a fairs that the Careers service puts on for us, and get back to you on my hunt for a Postgraduate job. Hopefully they’ll give me some inspiration, and I’ll fall in love with a career. Well, we can all dream. . .
Until then, its a mentally stimulating marathon of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’.


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