Postgraduate Study Fair

Helen McGuire (Student Blogger)

I made my way, for the second time, to the postgraduate study fair last week. Avid readers of this blog will know I posted about my visit to the fair last year ( which you can read here ) but this time I went as a third year, with the weight of actually having to make a decision about my future resting heavily on my shoulders.

The fair still had the same format as it did last year, with stalls from all the major universities in the UK as well as information for overseas study and more general careers advice. This year I was determined to get more out of my visit than I felt I had last year, and I did make more of an effort to talk to some of the representatives from the universities who were all very approachable and ready to chat to everyone.

There was one topic that kept cropping up in almost every conversation, and depressingly it was the way the government cuts are going to affect higher education. Although there hasn’t been an announcement if there will eventually be a rise in tuition fees for postgraduate courses, the possibility that this could happen was clearly at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

I also attended a talk run by Prospects which focused specifically on funding. I’d always found the issue of funding for postgraduate study completely mind-boggling, but after 30 minutes I left the room feeling clued-up and raring to get my applications started. It was great to have issues I’d been trying to get my head around for months finally cleared up, and for that reason alone I was so glad I made the effort to attend.

If you are considering postgraduate study I would definitely recommend attending this fair, from both a second years and third years perspective I’ve found it helpful and an excellent resource regardless of what stage you are at. So maybe I still haven’t made a definite decision yet, but after visiting the postgraduate study fair I feel I’m getting much closer.


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