Where do I go from here?

Anastasia Miari – Student Blogger

As with most third year students, I’m currently trying to figure out where to go after life as I know it ends. Up until now I have had every year of my life perfectly laid out for me. First I went to school, then sixth form then I came straight to University in Manchester. Being only an hour’s drive away from Manchester, it isn’t even like a huge decision was made to move away from home. Now I feel that it is time to jump into unknown territory and finally challenge myself with the vastness of possibilities out there for me. The only problem is, there are so many possibilities, how do I know which is the right one?
My answer to this is I don’t, I’m not sure anyone will know for sure but what is great about being a final year student is that the world is opened up to us. I, and half of my fellow students don’t have a plan. I have set myself a target and that is to throw myself into the unknown. The biggest risk and challenge for me at the moment is moving away from the Northern territory I know best and try to make my way daaan saaaaath. A move to London is scheduled for July this summer. I’m bored of Oxford road and the same old bars. I’m comfortable here but as a final year student in search of some sort of path through life, I feel that Manchester has taken me as far as it possibly can.
I have no idea which career path I will be taking but I think a move to another city will make me even more determined to find a job. I will no longer be close to home and as reliant on my parents. This will mean that I won’t be calling mummy and daddy up and begging them for a visit because times are hard. A change of surroundings will do wonders for my sense of urgency and independence. I know I will have to find a job to pay rent in London and so the search for jobs and possible graduate schemes has already begun. This is a sure fire way to give myself a kick up the bum.
For anyone else wanting a change of surroundings, it might be useful to have an ask around friends and see if anyone else feels the same way. It’s an exciting prospect moving somewhere new but it can also be quite scary. I feel that a move after graduation will probably be more comfortable if it is done with a friend. Realistically, financial situations may prove to be the one negative aspect of this plan. If times are hard and the dream job doesn’t exactly appear to be around the corner, making ends meet and starting from the bottom is what my parent’s had to do to get by. A lot of students think that they will be forced to move home upon graduating because of the cost of living. Realistically, a bog standard bar job pays enough to live very frugally but independently. Moving home for me is not an option after the independence of living at University. If anything, knowing that you can’t fall back on that option will make you even more determined to search for a job upon graduating!


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