Time is Ticking

Lauren Millen (Student Blogger)

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. I am currently in my final year studying Fashion and Textile Retailing (BSc). I wanted to write on here so that others can share my experience during the last few months of my time in university. I will be job hunting and applying for graduate schemes so that when I finish I’ve got an exciting job waiting for me (hopefully) and I can keep my little flat.

I have a few dream job ideas and I am very open minded towards what my future career will be. My main interest is in Logistics and Supply Chain but I have also enjoyed the Buying and Merchandising part of my degree course.  I am going to apply for many different jobs and see what comes my way! Ideally I would like to work in Manchester as I have a lot of commitments here. So far I have been surprised by how many businesses in the fashion industry have bases in the Northwest but it does limit my options significantly as a lot of company head offices are based in London.  I have therefore applied for graduate schemes in other areas such as food and drink.

I recently went to the Finance, Business and Management Fair and met tons of representatives from many big companies such as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Boots to name but a few. They were all very approachable and gave me some great advice and I would advise anyone at University to attend these events. I got to speak to current graduates and long term employees all of which gave me a real life insight into the world of work that I will hopefully soon be entering.

I gathered many leaflets and booklets and as soon as I got home wrote down a list of companies that were of interest to me and thought, ‘I’ll try and do one application form per day’. This has proved to be easier said than done. Many application forms are very lengthy and repetitive and it is easy to want to get through them quickly.

I’ve had one rejection letter so far because the company is not recruiting in the North West but otherwise I am planning to get really focused over the Christmas period and apply to as many companies as possible. These graduate schemes are so competitive though, especially in the current climate, so I keep reminding myself not to take it personally if I do get a rejection letter.

During the beginning of semester 2 I am planning to start hunting through job websites  all with the hope that I can keep my independence and stay in my nice little flat.

I will continue to keep you all updated with my progress and fingers crossed i might have some exciting news to share next time I post.


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