Studying chemistry or chemical engineering?

January 28, 2011


‘Kickstart your Career’ is a free, informal event for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering students on Thursday 3rd February in the Chemistry Building from 5pm – 8pm.   

You will hear short presentations from people who have studied chemistry or chemical engineering and taken on a range of jobs from teaching and academia to industry and public sector. You will also have the opportunity to attend workshops on ‘Effective CVs’ and ‘Preparing for Interview’

So, if you’re looking for inspiration about where your degree can take you then come along and speak to those who have gone before you and learn from their experiences.

Free beer and buffet are on offer and the opportunity to quiz those working in the region and associated with the chemical industry.

To reserve your place see:

The event has been organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Society of Chemical Industry and Chemicals NorthWest.


Jobs Seen on the Street 27.1.11

January 27, 2011

Part-time jobs for this week are:

Seen on DirectGov
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Want a more ‘creative’ career?

January 21, 2011

Manchester City Council are putting on a FREE Creative Careers event open to anyone, on the 9th February from 10am-3pm which will include:

  • Over 30 exhibitors – a wide range of creative businesses
  • Hourly lectures about opportunities in creative businesses
  • A ‘Digital Café’ run by MDDA (Manchester Digital Development Agency)
  • Hands-on creative workshops

The event is like a mini careers fair and will cover everything from media and computer games and software to the arts, architecture and fashion design and textiles and many more areas. I strongly recommend this if you are even vaguely interested in any sort of non-mainstream career. It’s a great way to find out more about possible options, even if you’re not actively career planning yet. Read the rest of this entry »

Jobs Seen on the Street 20.1.11

January 20, 2011

Part-time jobs of the week are:

Seen on DirectGov
(Enter job ref and ‘search’ for details)

Seen on The Jobs Mine

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So, no internship means no job?

January 20, 2011

If you have been following the news over the last couple of days you can’t fail to have noticed the huge amount of press coverage given to the topic of internships, with several news sites reporting that you simply can’t get a job without one now.

There are some highly debatable claims in these articles and you will be pleased to know that whilst internships or relevant work experience are essential for some sectors, such as media, investment banking and politics, the lack of a relevant internship in many sectors is not automatically ‘game over’. We would always encourage you to get one if you can, but if you aren’t successful, bear in mind that many employers are looking for some form of work experience and many of the core attributes and skills which are useful in the role, which you can develop in many other ways, e.g. part-time work, casual summer work, and volunteering.

Elizabeth Wilkinson, our Head of Postgraduate Career Development wrote a really insightful blog on the topic of internships and job prospects yesterday, which we think you will find interesting reading!

Could you be an award winner?

January 19, 2011

You might have seen the ‘Are you the Undergraduate of the Year?’ post a while back from my colleague Karen about the Undergraduate of the Year Awards run by TARGETjobs.

In case you didn’t, or did and didn’t get round to doing anything about it, I wanted to post a reminder! There are 12 categories that are open to pre-final year students (some are open to final years). Perhaps you are a potential finalist and winner for one of the following categories:

Structures and Systems
Arts and Humanities

First Year of the Year (open to current second years)
Accounting, Consulting and Economics

Construction Engineering and Design
IT and Computer Science
Business and Finance

Low Carbon (open to pre-final and final year students)

The prizes on offer for the winners are great (frankly I wish I was still a student so I could win one of them!). They include: summer or industrial placements with well-known organisations; placements overseas in Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa; laptops; tickets to London 2012 and other sporting events.

Entries close on January 31 2011 – make sure to enter before then as there are a couple of stages to complete by that date. For full details about the categories and prizes, visit the Undergraduate of the Year Awards website. Good luck with your applications – if you win don’t forget to send us a postcard!

Are you a first year with an empty CV?

January 17, 2011

Does your CV look a little blank? You’re doing a course but nothing else? Sound familiar?

Employers want to know what skills you’ve developed from outside of your course so building up your CV with work and other experiences will help you to answer those tricky questions on application forms and give you something to talk about at interview.

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