Career plans for the year ahead

Kickstart your career next semester

Last week of the Christmas vacation now and for many of you its exams next.  

So just a few quick facts:

The Careers Service is open in the holidays and during the exam period – its usually pretty quiet so its an excellent time to get an appointment before things pick up in February.

Many students who have not sorted out placements or graduate schemes in the first semester tend to give up until June. This is a huge missed opportunity there are loads of great opportunities that only come out in semester 2 and sometimes companies stuggle to get applicants!

February is traditionally the next period when internship, placement and work experience vacancies start advertising – so keep looking on CareersLink to see whats new.

New events coming for February and March – if you are interested in the creative, cultural or public sector these should be something for you.  Watch out on the events page or log into CareersLink for more information.

Getting your Degree is important but finding the time to plan your next career move and get experience will really make a difference to your employability when you finish.  Motivate your friends get them to try CareerKickstart it only takes 3  minutes and will give them some ideas to get started.


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