And now, the end is near…

By Helen McGuire (Student Blogger)

I still cannot quite believe I am starting my last ever semester at Manchester. Unlike the majority of my friends who are scouring the web for their dream jobs, I am currently in the process of completing applications for postgraduate courses.

This is no easy task, and if you’re thinking of applying for postgraduate study simply because you don’t know what you want to do after you graduate, don’t! It’s taken me the best part of four weeks (aka my entire Christmas holiday…) to collate just half the information I need to complete my application.

Whilst drafting my academic CV I realised just how important it is gain other skills alongside your degree. My part time job in second year not only shows that I have gained communication and team work skills outside an academic environment, but that I was able to organise my time effectively and still keep up with the demands of my course.

Making an effort to get involved with things outside of your course really will pay off when you come to complete application forms. Three years is not a long time and the easy option may be spending your Wednesday afternoons in the pub, but getting a little bit of experience in a work environment or with charity and volunteer work will make those application forms a whole lot easier to fill in.

Regardless of whether you are applying for that dream job or have hopes of being an eternal student I wish you (and me) the best of luck.


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