Could you be an award winner?

You might have seen the ‘Are you the Undergraduate of the Year?’ post a while back from my colleague Karen about the Undergraduate of the Year Awards run by TARGETjobs.

In case you didn’t, or did and didn’t get round to doing anything about it, I wanted to post a reminder! There are 12 categories that are open to pre-final year students (some are open to final years). Perhaps you are a potential finalist and winner for one of the following categories:

Structures and Systems
Arts and Humanities

First Year of the Year (open to current second years)
Accounting, Consulting and Economics

Construction Engineering and Design
IT and Computer Science
Business and Finance

Low Carbon (open to pre-final and final year students)

The prizes on offer for the winners are great (frankly I wish I was still a student so I could win one of them!). They include: summer or industrial placements with well-known organisations; placements overseas in Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa; laptops; tickets to London 2012 and other sporting events.

Entries close on January 31 2011 – make sure to enter before then as there are a couple of stages to complete by that date. For full details about the categories and prizes, visit the Undergraduate of the Year Awards website. Good luck with your applications – if you win don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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