So, no internship means no job?

If you have been following the news over the last couple of days you can’t fail to have noticed the huge amount of press coverage given to the topic of internships, with several news sites reporting that you simply can’t get a job without one now.

There are some highly debatable claims in these articles and you will be pleased to know that whilst internships or relevant work experience are essential for some sectors, such as media, investment banking and politics, the lack of a relevant internship in many sectors is not automatically ‘game over’. We would always encourage you to get one if you can, but if you aren’t successful, bear in mind that many employers are looking for some form of work experience and many of the core attributes and skills which are useful in the role, which you can develop in many other ways, e.g. part-time work, casual summer work, and volunteering.

Elizabeth Wilkinson, our Head of Postgraduate Career Development wrote a really insightful blog on the topic of internships and job prospects yesterday, which we think you will find interesting reading!


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