And the search for a job goes on…

By Lauren Millen (Student Blogger)

In my last post I explained how I am currently in my final year of university and on the hunt for a graduate scheme or job so that when I finish University I can keep my independence and stay in my little flat rather than move back home.

Ideally I would like to be writing to you about how I have found the perfect job that starts in September, pays really well, is exactly what I want to do…but sadly this isn’t the case.

Admittedly I found it difficult to manage job applications whilst dealing with the pressure of exams. One part of me is saying ‘the deadline dates are closing in for graduate applications; better do it quick’ where as the other side of me is saying ‘you won’t get a job without  the grades’. The thing with these applications is that they are very lengthy and each one takes hours to complete. A lot of the questions can be very similar making it tempting to save an answer to my computer and just copy and paste it into each application but each job role differs and different companies are looking for specific qualities from their candidates to suit their brand.

So far I have applied for six graduate schemes and I have had four rejection letters/emails but I’m not going to let them knock me down. I have to admit that the feeling of first reading a rejection letter is not nice, but realistically I know that especially in the current climate graduate schemes are very competitive. Looking on the bright side, now I have a little more free time being back at university, I can get back on the case.

It did make me wonder though; what am I missing? Is it that my CV hasn’t got enough variety in it or that I haven’t pushed myself enough in terms of doing voluntary work? Or maybe in the case of non fashion related jobs it is the title of my degree course (Fashion and Textile Retailing), even though it isn’t totally based on the fashion and textile industry. What it has taught me is the need to put 100% effort into each application no matter how simple the application seems (which has probably been one of my weaknesses). They are boring and barely enjoyable but without a good, strong application the company will not even consider you as a candidate.

With a positive attitude and concentrated effort over the next few months I will continue on my search for a job and hopefully in my next blog I will have some good news.

Fingers crossed!


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